Innovations solid wood bunks use Mortise and Tenon joinery at all footboard and headboard junctions, they are glued and reinforced with screws for long term stability. This is much stronger than typical doweled joints.


PLATFORM BEDS Platform beds – Mattress ready – No metal bed frame – No box foundation – Bonus Under Bed Options.

Platform beds provide a better value than a metal bed frame, box foundation and basic head board. Only Platform beds can use Under Bed Chests or a Trundle. Platform beds are mattress ready with slats included, all platform beds larger than twin have a center support beam with two legs. Space under the side rail is 11.3” providing generous drawer space and allowing up to a 9” mattress on the trundle bed.

Please look at the pictures below for details of our class leading one piece support beam which attaches to a bracket at the foot of the bed for maximum strength. Each leg is secured with a dowel and lag bolt. Solid quiet support.

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